Preguntas frecuentes

how much will i get from the prints?

for each print that we make and sell of your art, you earn half of the profits! for an A4 print you will earn about £14 and for an A5 you will get about £6.50!

what is the difference between you and redbubble or other print marketplaces?

two things! first is our commission rate of 50% to you is better than any other online print marketplace we have seen with the next closest at 20%! second is we invest all of our profits into supporting other creatives and to-be creatives!

how do i know my art is safe?

you always own your art! we make small print runs and keep your work as limited edition pieces. if you ever cancel your agreement with us, we will not print more of your art!

what makes 'little living room' different from other publications?

we are a social enterprise! our profits are paid to creatives and invested to help promote and support creativity. to engage with our beneficiaries, one in every five copies of each publication are given for free to marginalised groups and individuals from low income backgrounds! we provide feedback, and seek out individuals who have not been published before. experience level doesn't matter to us! every contributor included in an issue gets a copy of that pubilcation for free as a thank you!

what makes 'little living room' different from other collectives?

we believe in fair payment and support of ongoing work done by our creatives. 50% of profits from prints are paid to creatives. we make online portfolios to get your art out there. we will help market your work on our platforms and if requested we will give you feedback!

what do i have to do to make prints?

all you have to do is express your interest via the links in get involved! submit art and if you want to make prints, let us know! after you let us know we can make prints, all you have to do is sit back and wait for the prints to be made and sold!